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Podcast on the ‘Australian’ Psyche

Conversations is a daily one hour radio conversation hosted by Richard Fidler where he converses with someone of someone well-known or, perhaps, unknown who has seen and done amazing things. … Continue reading

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Vivid Festival Sydney

Urban light show

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Welcome to Australia

New humans in Australia – powerful and inspiring stories of new Australians 

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Straya (our way of saying Australia)

This is a nice lighthearted video with the usual Australian self-mockery – we love a bit of that. How many of the people and places can you identify? Kudos to … Continue reading

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Xavier Toby asks ‘What is Australian Culture?’

One Australian’s view of Aussie culture from online news site, WA Today Xavier Toby asks ‘What is Australian Culture?’.

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Is Australia corrupt?

Complete the poll and see how you go.  Go here for the accepted Australian view

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Minister called on to resign

Recently an Australian member of parliament was called on to resign for calling a government agency to get his son special treatment. The general Australian public does not like to … Continue reading

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Welcome to Australian Culture and Customs.  Whether you are a foreign student or a teacher of Australian English in a high school, a skilled worker employed on a mine or in … Continue reading

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Losing our religion?

Are Australians religious? If not, why are our leaders promoting their religions in their policy making? Tom Burns’s writes about recent research that shows 22% of Australians indicated that they … Continue reading

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It’s Aussie Football League grand finals time!

For the first time since the club’s inception 19 years ago, the Fremantle Dockers has reached the grand finals of the Australian Football League (AFL).  The AFL began as the … Continue reading

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Business Handshakes

A handshake says a lot about you. Take the whole hand firmly but not tightly and shake just once or twice then let go. Not too hard and not like … Continue reading

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Is Australia a secular society or not?

Today The Hoopla blog posted an article commenting on the reaction of people to our first Muslim member of parliament using the Koran to swear his commitment to (his) god, … Continue reading

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What, no cheating?!

Australians were astonished and surprised last week to hear that some Chinese families had actually locked in and threatened teachers for not allowing their children to cheat in exams. What? Of course … Continue reading

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Australia Is An Example Of Effective Gun Control. America Is An Example Of Ignoring Australia.

View this satirical video that has now gone viral comparing Australia’s view of America’s gun laws with American lobbyists and politicians’ views.  We Australians just don’t get it. Related articles … Continue reading

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Ita Buttrose, the mother of Australian style and business

Ita Buttrose has been an inspiration to generations of Australian women playing a leading role in the Packer media empire as the creator and first female editor of major women’s … Continue reading

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Swimming in the right (left) lane

The swimming pool, leisure centre, aquatic centre – the local pool.  Australians love swimming.  Have you noticed our Olympic performances over the years in the pool (very impressive)? Did I … Continue reading

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rules, rules, rules…

Australia is a country full of rules and regulations.  Many people call Western Australia, for example (my home), the ‘nanny state’ because you have no legal choice to decide what … Continue reading

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please, thank you, excuse me, sorry

“please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! … Continue reading

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Look me in the eye! Eye contact

In many cultures it is very rude to look someone directly in the eyes if they are older or have a higher status than you. In Australia (except in some … Continue reading

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Valentines’ Day in Australia – 14th of February

The day of love originates from the European saint, Valentine.  It began as a Christian tradition which is gradually being taken up around the world, largely, I might suggest, because it … Continue reading

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Jakarta Post on Australian multiculturalism

Your letters: Multiculturalism in Asia | The Jakarta Post. Unless Australia is included as an Asian country, there is no legally or government supported multiculturalism in Asia…

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disgusting or acceptable in public? etiquette of the body

spitting – disgusting on the street, absolutely revolting anywhere inside except straight into the toilet (in private). sneezing – ok if you cover your mouth and/or use a tissue over … Continue reading

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Cultural Differences Between India and other Countries: A Dinner Invitation

Originally posted on InterSecting Lines:
This was an article I wrote eons ago for Chillibreeze. I had even forgotten that I had written this article till I came across it…

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Indonesian – Australian relations – Jakarta Post article

Indonesian – Australian relations Indonesia-Australia: Love thy quirky neighbors Endy M. Bayuni, THE JAKARTA POST, SYDNEY Blood may be thicker than water, but physical proximity oftentimes is far more important … Continue reading

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Animals – food, friend or both?

Australians love animals. Having said that, we do actually eat our two national animals, the emu and the kangaroo! animal cruelty is not acceptable. That means kicking a dog, not … Continue reading

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Australian workplace traditions

Originally posted on Vipbackpackers's Blog:
So you’ve come to Australia to work, or you’re thinking of it, and trying to work out all the lingo and what’s going on.…

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is Australia racist?

In Australia most people consider racism unacceptable, but there are some who have racist views.  The thing that makes us different from some countries is that we do have strong … Continue reading

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‘ranga’, ‘red’, ‘bluey’, ‘ginger’

All words for a redhead (even if their hair is actually orange). Careful with these; ‘ranga’ actually comes from orangutan (an orange-haired ape) so can be considered derogatory. Question: Who … Continue reading

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5 hints on respecting personal space and touching

don’t stand too close to people, even friends. No closer than the distance from your elbow to the tip of your thumb is a good rule of thumb (good pun, … Continue reading

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“where the bloody hell are you?”

Swearing A few years back the Australian government launched an international tourism campaign with the slogan, Where the bloody hell are you? Not all countries got the joke, but some … Continue reading

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You must hold a driver’s license to drive in Australia.  Get an international one in your own country before you come for insurance cover. There are serious penalties if you … Continue reading

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