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Straya (our way of saying Australia)

This is a nice lighthearted video with the usual Australian self-mockery – we love a bit of that. How many of the people and places can you identify? Kudos to … Continue reading

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sorta dunno nothin

I have a 14 year old. Now some Australian 14 year olds can be pretty uncommunicative. How about in your country? There are a number of Aussie cultural references in … Continue reading

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Xavier Toby asks ‘What is Australian Culture?’

One Australian’s view of Aussie culture from online news site, WA Today Xavier Toby asks ‘What is Australian Culture?’.

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A request…

Hello and a warm welcome to all my readers. I have now been running this blog for about six months and it’s going pretty well so far with people from … Continue reading

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Ita Buttrose, the mother of Australian style and business

Ita Buttrose has been an inspiration to generations of Australian women playing a leading role in the Packer media empire as the creator and first female editor of major women’s … Continue reading

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please, thank you, excuse me, sorry

“please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! please, thank you, excuse me, sorry! … Continue reading

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Map of indigenous languages of Australia

David R Horton, creator, © Aboriginal Studies Press, AIATSIS and Auslig/Sinclair, Knight, Merz, 1996. Check out this link for a high-resolution, magnifiable version of the map Please note that this … Continue reading

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What’s does Aussie mean? It’s short for Australian

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The many meanings of ‘mate’

The ubiquitous Australian word has many meanings depending on the context.  See if this hilarious series of videos featuring a very stereotypic Aussie helps you understand some of them!

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Cultural Differences Between India and other Countries: A Dinner Invitation

Originally posted on InterSecting Lines:
This was an article I wrote eons ago for Chillibreeze. I had even forgotten that I had written this article till I came across it…

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Australian workplace traditions

Originally posted on Vipbackpackers's Blog:
So you’ve come to Australia to work, or you’re thinking of it, and trying to work out all the lingo and what’s going on.…

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jobs – chippy, sparky, brickie, dunny diver – what are you talking about?!

Why use the correct word when you can have some fun and bamboozle non-native English speakers? chippy – a carpenter (they make chips when the cut up wood) sparky – … Continue reading

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20 ways we will change your name in Australia

If you have more than one syllable in your name, be prepared to lose all but one and possibly add a “y’ or ‘z’ to the end.  If we don’t … Continue reading

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