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disgusting or acceptable in public? etiquette of the body

spitting – disgusting on the street, absolutely revolting anywhere inside except straight into the toilet (in private). sneezing – ok if you cover your mouth and/or use a tissue over … Continue reading

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Cultural Differences Between India and other Countries: A Dinner Invitation

Originally posted on InterSecting Lines:
This was an article I wrote eons ago for Chillibreeze. I had even forgotten that I had written this article till I came across it…

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Indonesian – Australian relations – Jakarta Post article

Indonesian – Australian relations Indonesia-Australia: Love thy quirky neighbors Endy M. Bayuni, THE JAKARTA POST, SYDNEY Blood may be thicker than water, but physical proximity oftentimes is far more important … Continue reading

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Animals – food, friend or both?

Australians love animals. Having said that, we do actually eat our two national animals, the emu and the kangaroo! animal cruelty is not acceptable. That means kicking a dog, not … Continue reading

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Australian workplace traditions

Originally posted on Vipbackpackers's Blog:
So you’ve come to Australia to work, or you’re thinking of it, and trying to work out all the lingo and what’s going on.…

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So 6 months done Down Under, how is it going? In short, great. Move away from everyone and everything familiar and you find out a lot…

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is Australia racist?

In Australia most people consider racism unacceptable, but there are some who have racist views.  The thing that makes us different from some countries is that we do have strong … Continue reading

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‘ranga’, ‘red’, ‘bluey’, ‘ginger’

All words for a redhead (even if their hair is actually orange). Careful with these; ‘ranga’ actually comes from orangutan (an orange-haired ape) so can be considered derogatory. Question: Who … Continue reading

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jobs – chippy, sparky, brickie, dunny diver – what are you talking about?!

Why use the correct word when you can have some fun and bamboozle non-native English speakers? chippy – a carpenter (they make chips when the cut up wood) sparky – … Continue reading

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20 ways we will change your name in Australia

If you have more than one syllable in your name, be prepared to lose all but one and possibly add a “y’ or ‘z’ to the end.  If we don’t … Continue reading

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Joyful Strains

Joyful Strains Making Australia Home by Kent MacCarter & Ali Lemer (Eds.) I haven’t read this yet, but have heard an interview with an editor and it sounds like a … Continue reading

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5 hints on respecting personal space and touching

don’t stand too close to people, even friends. No closer than the distance from your elbow to the tip of your thumb is a good rule of thumb (good pun, … Continue reading

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Can Australians laugh at themselves?

Hilarious send up of My Kitchen Rules, the Australian cooking show with some truly horrible contestants

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Australian music – Triple J’s hottest 100 tunes of 2012

Australia’s top 100 music tracks as voted by listeners to JJJ, the public youth indy radio station. Get the CD here. Hottest 100 – 2012 | triple j.

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Australia Day

January 26th  why? Australia Day commemorates the day in 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip landed in Sydney Cove and claimed Australia’s eastern side for Britain through the symbolic act of … Continue reading

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“where the bloody hell are you?”

Swearing A few years back the Australian government launched an international tourism campaign with the slogan, Where the bloody hell are you? Not all countries got the joke, but some … Continue reading

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You must hold a driver’s license to drive in Australia.  Get an international one in your own country before you come for insurance cover. There are serious penalties if you … Continue reading

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